Monday, February 05, 2007

100 bugs!

Three days ago Thorkil Naur filed bug #100 for Yhc. Using a bug tracker was a good step for Yhc - and has helped us remember, track down and fix loads of bugs. We currently have 101 bugs, 62 of which remain open. Some bug statistics:
  • 7 beginner bugs - these are bugs which don't require much Haskell knowledge, or in depth compiler knowledge. If you are just getting started, all of these should be within reach.
  • 15 defects which are either High or Medium importance - at least one of which got fixed this morning!
  • 30 enhancement requests - often relating to cleaning up the internals of Yhc.
  • 17 bugs owned by me (2 by Andrew, 4 by Dimitry, 2 by Tom, 2 by Mike) - 25 waiting for you to own them :)
Well done to everyone who has contributed to Yhc - and hopefully we'll be able to reduce the bug count to 0 at some point!


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