Thursday, November 10, 2005

First Post

First post by me, that is - second post overall :)

Just an introduction really. I'm the single lone Windows user in the yhc team, so when it breaks on Windows I have to hit people. I'm also interested in the packaging system, and the user interface to the compiler - making it intuative and easy to use. I am currently a full time Hugs user, and rewrote WinHugs recently, so I want to make using Yhci [the interpeter, think ghci] and WxYhci [GUI round the interpeter, think WinHugs] a better experience than WinHugs.

On the more technical side of the compiler, I'm interested in parsing, and want to rewrite the parser to be more easily extendable, faster and significantly better error messages.

At a personal level, I sit next to Tom at York, did my undergrad with Bob and Mike, and eat lunch most days with Malcolm, Colin, Tom and a few others


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