Sunday, August 13, 2006


GHC has nightly builds, now Yhc has something even better, buildbot! - and for instructions (email yhc -AT- to register)

Every time a change it checked into the Yhc repo, builds are triggered, and the test results are calculated. This should ensure that breaking the build is a 10 minute affair, and it also means we can remotely debug compile/runtime errors on other people's machines by trail and error without their intevention - which has already meant that we got Mac PPC up and running without access to the machine. Something that would have taken much longer if we had to wait for email exchanges between every change.

So who has a wacky architecture, and wants to be a buildbot? Its entirely automated, you can nice is as much as you want, your machine doesn't have to be on all the time, and it means that you'll always have a working Yhc available for you :)


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That's cool!

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