Sunday, September 17, 2006

Nofib suite getting there!

Some good news to report, slowly but surely more of the nofib benchmark suite is running successfully - we now have 24 tests in the nofib benchmark going through nicely, and added to the buildbot.

The issue tracker is starting to see more use, getting more of the thoughts that were marked down as "oh, we should do that" and converting them into concrete bugs that one day someone might solve. Its also useful for tracking down where things are going.

We can now output core for all the libraries Yhc builds with - simply pass core=1 to Scons and it will do the hard work for you. Not massively helpful, unless you're me, but might be of general use one day!

We also have a few more features merged in - no need to give the -unlit flag for .lhs files, and the OPTIONS_YHC pragma is supported in a similar manner to the OPTIONS_GHC pragma.

Yhc is slowly getting more useful, once the base libraries are useable with Yhc, it will be good enough to start eating our own dogfood!


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