Thursday, December 14, 2006


The Yhc Core stuff has been coming on loads recently, being used in more and more projects, and gaining lots of cool features - even a strictness analyser! Check out the Yhc documentation here: . A lot of this work is focused towards performance enhancements, so I'll give more details on that once we have a headline number to brag about :)

One cool thing I've been working is Yhc.Core.Html (not yet in the documentation index, but it should be tomorrow). If you load up Hugs and take your Yhc.Core file:

> loadCore "Roman.ycr" >>= writeFile "Roman.html" . coreHtml

That will generate a file called Roman.html, which is a hyperlinked, colour-coded viewer for your code. A sample is here. The links which are internal to this file are hyperlinked, and it also hilights the uses as well. Click on an identifier to see what it does.

Hopefully this should be of use to people who spend most of their day pouring over the details in a Yhc.Core document - i.e. me!


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