Monday, November 14, 2005

New structure in the development version


I've made some changes to the structure of things in yhc-devel. Most notably

- yhc make mode is now fully operational.

yhc Main.hs

will chase Main.hs, find it's dependencies, compile them all in order and then compile Main.
It would seem that the .hbc files are going in the wrong place, though, which needs fixing.

- the inst directory now has a


where all the prelude .hi and .hbc files live. The compiler and runtime have been modified (albeit a little hackily in some cases) to support this new structure. This structure has the advantage that it gives yhc a sensible place to keep it's packages and 'make install' is still just 'copy the inst directory into the target'.

- cpphs is now included in the source code again and is built with the rest of the tools. It does in theory introduce a circular dependency for bootstrapping, but this can easily be solved by including a yhc compiler version in a 'bootstrap' directory.



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