Monday, October 16, 2006

Yhc.Core documentation!

Since a few people now have an interest in Yhc.Core I thought I'd actually document it with a little tutorial style introduction.

There are also some little examples, including one to count the number of times you use the literal 42 in your code.

We've also been busy getting installing set up, you can now do "scons install" on Linux, download nice snapshots on Windows, and there is progress towards Gentoo eBuilds and Debian .deb's.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Beginner Bugs

Want to start helping out on a big Haskell project, but frustrated that there is no easy way into a project? The Yhc team has the answer, help with Yhc :)

There are basically 3 steps to get into full swing as a proper Yhc developer, and everyone is welcome!

1) Download Yhc from darcs, and compile.
  • If it goes wrong, email us (yhc -at-
  • If the documentation is unclear, fix it or email us
  • If something takes some hard work, tell us what, so we can fix it
2) Either pick your own task you feel like, or pick one of our beginner bugs from the bug tracker. All the beginner bugs are designed to be able to be done incrementally, i.e. even a small amount of progress can be used. They shouldn't require much deep knowledge of the code base, some require a bit of Haskell, some require a bit more, some require none. There should be something suitable for everyone on that list.

3) Either pick your own task, or pick one of our normal bugs - they vary greatly in difficulty, scope etc. By this time you are a fully fledged Yhc developer :)

We are friendly people, so if at any point you need a bit of advice or help, or something seems to be a bit harder than it could be, just drop us an email - yhc -at-