Monday, March 13, 2006

Patch Statistics

Ever wondered how often people commit patches to Yhc?

Now, a nice graphical chart can show you:

Note that this page won't be around for ever, but I hope that once we have haddock documentation and regression tests running every night, slipping this in as well won't be too hard, or perhaps it might get into darcs-web.

The graph goes from Nov 2005 to present, and the current number of patches is about 340.

The tool for generating this graph is in the repo, under misc/DarcsGraph.hs - just run "darcs changes" to a file, and give that file to DarcsGraph.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Pyhi: A python interpreter

Andrew says:

I've just committed an entirely new Yhc interpreter, written in Python. Pyhi
(as it is known) currently only supports a limited set of the bytecodes
(enough to run Hello World) and is approximately 100 times slower than the C

It uses many of the built in Python features, such as garbage collection, to
attempt to gain some speed and yet is still hopefully written in a fairly
understandable, Pythonic fashion.

Bytecodes are represented as functions which are called using a 'trampoline'
function in order to decouple the Haskell and Python call stacks.

This most definitely a work in progress so don't expect many programs will run
just yet :-)