Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Documentation is good

As people start to want to play with the compiler and runtime, a good bit of documentation can go a long way. We already have a manual in the Wiki, and now we have a start to some runtime system documentation as well. I've just fixed up some Haddock documentation for some of the compiler - which required quite a few syntax fixes in the comments - its available here, unfortunately it doesn't deal with .lhs files yet (because Haddock doesn't), thats a task for the future.

People have also been hacking all over the place. Mike's been writing a GUI for the Yhci, along with cleanups and enhancements to its functionality. I've been refactoring "things" all over the place - removing all hint of CPP directives, moving towards modern modules (Data.Set, Data.Map), writing a test framework, writing a Windows makefile etc. Tom's been moving forward with the Make/Package system, working slowly towards the goal of building Yhc with Yhc.

And just so people know - I've been recompiling and modifying Yhc in a few seconds, thanks to the beauty that is WinHugs. If you are doing any major work on the compiler, I recommend using Hugs to first parse and typecheck the code, before running Ghc (and getting a cup of coffee) to test your changes.


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