Thursday, December 08, 2005

GHC Survey

The GHC team did a huge survey of Haskell users, its online here

Its quite interesting to go down the points, and see which things that Haskell users want, but can't find in GHC, and Yhc might be able to provide in the future.

  • GHC is too slow, Yhc will be faster
  • Performance and size of generated code - we win on size, loose massively on performance
  • Most requested feature is a debugger, I think we can win there :)
  • Portability and difficulty of compiling GHC, we can do that easily
  • API and feature changes, we loose massively
  • Quality of error messages, lets not go into that, but we can hopefully do better
  • Better documentation, well library docs we steal from GHC (draw), compiler docs are a wiki so hopefully that will be better quicker
  • GHC is too complex, well yhc is certainly a lot simpler
Hopefully we can learn from the work of others to give people what they want!


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